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Hello All,

I am using Kaminari gem for pagination.

I want to do a ajax search on the same page of the data in the table which is a list of images with names.

Can anyone suggest anything ?



Hi Avinash,

Instead of Kaminari gem try Jquery datatables it gives u default pagination, search, and sort features you can customize it according to your needs



I have tried with that.

There are more than 3000 records. So datatable is taking time to load every time page refreshes unlike kaminari.

Hey man,

What’s up? I read you email, and a fast way to solve this problem is putting a remote true in your search form, you can easily render a partial, maybe called _products.html.erb on callback view, something as index.js.erb.

So, your action will be the same but will respond to js and html.

You should do some jquery to setup a flash message if any product was found, and another one to re-render your partial.

$(selector).html("<%= j render ‘product’ %>")

I did not test it, so maybe there are done typo or syntax errors here. I am in the bus, any other doubt, please let me know.

Hope it will help you

Nice day

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