ajax requests

every ajax request is written to the log file?


can anyone help me in this regard?


  thanks in advance

This is correct behavior. What do you need help with?



but it's written to the production log file

Yes. Again, this is correct behavior.

the client says he can see the request?

In the log file, as expected? Or in some other way?

and he doesn't want to see the request

Sounds like you need to change the logger configuration. Look at the
config/environment.rb and config/environments/production.rb files to set
things up the way you want them.


please explain me in brief

It is clear that English is not your native language, for which I will make
allowances. Even so, you aren't really asking questions or giving enough
information to get the help you seem to need. I can make guesses about what
you're trying to do, but they are just guesses.

Worse, the impression I'm getting is that you are selling services based on
your Rails expertise without having actually learned the basics of how to
develop with it. I hope I'm wrong about that and it's just a language
problem, but if I'm right then you are doing a disservice to every
competent Rails contractor out there by attempting to sell something you
can't deliver.