Ajax request render from RJS and handling Flash notices

I figured out how to get it done. My situation was a bit different than
the norm but the following works:

in my rjs:

page.replace_html("headstart" , :partial => "headstart" , :object =>
@teamnames) if @flashsetting == false
page.replace_html("teamheaders" , :partial => "teamheaders" , :object =>
page.replace_html("team0" , :partial => "team0" , :object => @teamnames)
page.replace_html("boxscore" , :partial => "boxscore" , :object =>
page.replace_html :notice, ""

in my controller:

def validate_team_select(teamone,teamtwo)
  if teamone == teamtwo && teamone != ""
    flash[:notice] = 'You cannot compare a team to itself!'
  elsif teamone == "" || teamtwo == ""
    flash[:notice] = 'You must select two unique teams!'
    virtual_response(teamone, teamtwo)

def virtual_redirect
  respond_to do |format|
    format.html { redirect_to virtual_matchups_path }
    format.js { render :update do |page| page.replace_html :notice,
flash[:notice] end }

Then I placed a notice div inside the actual view and not in the layout,
nesting a partial to the notice alert with css coloring..

This works well in that it performs all my ajax requests through a
standard process but if it reaches a validation error, it goes to the
virtual_redirect which displays the correct messages without altering
the view on the page.

When it does validate correctly, the message is cleared and flash
notices are discarded on subsequent page redirects.