Flash Message after each Ajax request

I need to enable Flash message with each request in my application.
e.g. if i have action on addFeed, after this action is executed, I
have a render :partial 'showfeed' but i also want to enable a Flash
Message for the action 'Feed SAved'
I want to do this with every action in my application?
What would be the best way to approach this?

amy thoughts?

Thanks. i will give it a shot

Hi Francis,

call me dumb but i am still trying to understand rails architecture.
Now my problem with that example you gave me to putting it togehter

Here is what I am thinking

def ajax_flash_notice will go in Application.rb

In my controller, I will simpy set Flash message

Now How does this .rjs file get called?
this is my code

Flash[type]="Task saved"
render : partial "showFeed"

Now how does rjs come into picture here?

I really apreciate your time.