Ajax Date Selector or similar?

Älphä Blüë wrote:

I've been trying to find a date picker that works really well with
Rails. I've looked into the following thus far:

jMaki Widget jQuery.datepicker
jRails jQuery.datepicker

However, none of these provide any information on how to use them with

Every JS date picker I'm aware of populates a form field. Just submit
the form containing that field, and you'll get the data you want.
There's nothing magical about it.


I'm surprised to see that there is very
little documentation about this area.

There's really nothing to document, provided you understand how forms
are submitted in Rails.

Rails and ajax go hand in hand..

Not really. Rails provides a few canned Ajax helpers (that probably
should be avoided in any case -- or used with lowpro -- since they
generate inline JS), and deals nicely with XML and JSON requests, but
that's about it. (I've done complex Ajax development, but never with

Maybe my google is broke...

No, I think you're looking for an explanation of something that's too
trivial for most people to write about.


Hi Marnen,

Yeah I suppose I should have been more precise as to what I was trying
to find. I did find something that will work with what I'm after:


I wanted something that worked as a widget that had a nice theme, was
easy to style, and easy to date convert. Using this I can do the

<%= calendariffic_input(false, :compiled_on, 'calendariffic/date.png',
'search_cal', '%Y-%m-%d', @todays_date, {}, {:class => 'borderless'})

Pretty easy method call and the documentation in the file matches
something I can read pretty easily. I changed the dateformat, the
name/id, and can pass this along to my named_scope to generate the date.

Now I just have to figure out whether I need to use an actual submit
button or whether I can find something that works like an OnChange or an
observer method. I'd like it so that when someone presses the calendar
widget and selects the date, a notifier method changes the data..

I'll look into it..