advice on validation

Hello all,

Currently I am having a controller with several actions. A client
perform some kind of wizard to create a persisted object
(ActiveRecord). So step1, step2, step3 and finally saves the object to
DB in step 4. Each step takes ask for a couple of info from the client
which is part of the end persisted object. Basically it follows the
logic below:

step1 -> name, address
step2 -> validate address against a third party site
step3 -> email and other info
step4 -> saves all the above information to DB

Each step correspond to an action. All the 4 steps are in the same
controller. Step2 depends on step1 thus the wizard type process.

I built the above and it is working like a charm. However, I am
wondering about validation. I want to use ActiveRecord validation.
What would you suggest? Javascript for each step + ACtiveRecord
validation at step4 that would redirect to an "edit" page which would
contain all 4 steps in 1 "edit" action? I will probably go for that
but was wondering if anybody had any suggestion to produce a
validation mechanism per step.


def my_action

return unless

case params[:stage]

    when '1'

        session[:my_record] =[:model])

        if not session[:my_record].valid?     

            flash[:notice] = "Invalid name" if session[:my_record].errors.invalid?(:name)
            flash[:notice] = "Invalid address" if session[:my_record].errors.invalid?(:address)


    when '2'

        return unless session[:my_record]

        if not MyThirdPartyValidation.valid_something(params[:model][:something])
            session[:my_record].errors.add :something, "is invalid."

            session[:my_record][:something] = params[:model][:something]



No perfect as it’ll validates every column for each stage you call valid?, I’m not sure of a better method in my current tired state :slight_smile:

Be sure your code can handle a malicious user skipping stages, i.e the return unless session[:my_record] stuff.

Validate using AR and the :if option. E.g.,

validates_presence_of :foo, :if =>|wizard| wizard.step > 1)

Note that the wizard parameter passed into the block is the instance of your
model class, so the model itself needs to understand what step it is on.


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