Advice on finding a Ruby on Rails developer and/or an outsourced company

To all,

Looking for advice on how to find a developer or outsourced company
that is experienced in Ruby on Rails to take a current software
program built on Access/visual basic and Crystal Reports to the web
using the RoR framework.

I am a business person and have no idea on how to find the right
person/people to work with, what questions to ask so that I know they
have the right experience and what should be paid (this product is
currently being boot-strapped - but I fully understand the
consequences of cheap, inexperienced development).

Lastly, is it possible to find a good programmer and designer in one
or is always better to use two different people?

Your advice is appreciated!

You might want to check out the freelancers listed on For companies, try

I'm biased, as the company I employed by works on several open source
projects, but looking at the reputation of a developer or companies
OSS work is one way to get a feeling of their work.

Katipo Communications, Ltd. (
Kete Project Lead (

P.S. - contact me offlist if you want to talk to me about your project.