[ADV] New PeepCode Screencasts Released

Three new PeepCode Screencasts have been recently released.

A highly requested two part series on Rails for beginners is now available. In addition, rSpec Basics (part one of a three part series) was released less than 48 hours ago and has been the hottest selling PeepCode screencast so far.

http://peepcode.com/products/rails-from-scratch-part-i http://peepcode.com/products/rspec-basics

PeepCode Screencasts are professionally produced, hour long tutorials about Ruby on Rails and Javascript. They are available for only US$9 each (or less with a subscription). Team discounts are also available.

After watching the Rails from Scratch series, a developer said that "I learned more from these 2 screencasts than I did with 3 of the popular Rails books."

Check out what other people are saying about PeepCode here: http://peepcode.com/press

Geoffrey Grosenbach Host of the Ruby on Rails Podcast