admins and users same controller/model

I have admins and users sharing the same controller and model
Admins have more liberties so users form is different view
For new and create actions for example should i write new actions to work with the users form submission or should i put a conditional express in my before_action
I had the creative idea that I could use authenticate_user|authenticate_admin for my callback but it seems there’s no such thing but I can use a conditional expression What’s the solution?

In the new and create actions you can test the current user's role
(user or admin) and render a different view, or have a common view
with conditional code in the view (possibly calling different partials
for example), whichever is more appropriate for your particular case.


First I have to authenticate either before I can test for which in the new and create actions

What has authentication got to do with role? Presumably you have a
login procedure, then in the action you just have to check that
someone is logged in and test for the role of current_user to decide
what to show them or whether to allow the create.


I went with adding a subdirectory for users under views Considering doing the same for controllers