Index pages admin / user

What’s the best way to deal with 2 views of an index page from the same controller? I would like to split it up between an admin index and user index page.

Is a partial my only option here?

Are you wanting to render a different layout? You could do something like this:

class MyController < ApplicationController
  layout :resolve_layout

  # ...


  def resolve_layout
    case action_name
    when "new", "create"
    when "index"

You can also look into nested layouts here:

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In the long run I found out it was easier to have different controllers that respond to different urls.

/groups shows you your groups that you are enrolled into while /admin/groups is only for admins that need to see all the groups.

In this ways there are two controllers with two methods and two views and they share a common partial but it is easier to add new things to the admin view without all the ifs for if you are currently admin or not.

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