administration of RESTFul-based entities (admin namespace)

Hello list,

I'm building a youtube-like application in Rails. I'm basing it on the wootube open source project (kudos to wootube developers!).

I'm not into the RESTful model yet but I want to avoid modifying the architecture borrowed from wootube. All my controllers are rpc/rest mixed and the videos_controller, based on the one from wootube is RESTful. I really like the idea of separating the admin side from the front-end of the website (a la Django). This model fits nicely into client's minds and content creators for the website and IMHO is easier for code maintenance since I don't need myriad of ifs inside the view as I have a view for admin actions and another view for front-end actions. For each of my controllers, I have one that has actions for the "front-end" and another one inside an admin subdirectory (namespace) for administration actions.

I would like to follow this admin model for the RESTful controller too. I'm not sure on how I would do this and if it is viable. Maybe I should not use this model on RESTful controllers?

Any help and directions would be greatly appreciated,



No ideas?