Adding methods to an array of AR objects

I have some methods that i want to be able to call on any collection
ActiveRecord objects. What's the 'right' way to set this up? I don't
want to just monkey patch Array as it's specific to an AR array.

If you extend AssociationCollection you'll be able to it on any
association (eg There is no proxy object
for the result of Foo.find though (I have an experimental plugin that
does do this). You could wrap the result of finds in a proxy (as i
did) or you could add singleton methods to the results of find

class << ActiveRecord::Base
   def find_with_extra_methods(*args)
     results = find_without_extra_methods(*args)
     results.extend(SomeModuleOfExtraMethods) if results.is_a? Array

   alias_method_chain :find, extra_methods