Adding html markup to a blog post content field

Hello all,

I have spent the better part of a day getting my "hello world!"
application, aka. blog, done. I am so loving Rails. One thing that I
am stumped on is how to enable html in my post.

I have two fields for a Post, title and content. in the content field
if I enter a url or enter an anchor tag, the link does not show up as
a link. I don't have a need for a WYSWIG editor, as I do not care for
them, I would much rather enter raw html markup and since it is only
me who is going to be doing the posting I feel confident that it is



Are you using <%= h @your_text_string %>? If so remove the h as this
is escaping the html. However think very carefully about this. Don't
do it for a real application that others will have access to.