hyperlinks in comments

I am building a social networking site which currently has comments
enabled. I was wondering if anyone knew how to enable html within
these comments so that people can post links to other sites on the
internet and have these links actually work if you click on them.
Actually, this hyperlink capability is the only think that I really
need. Anyone know how to enable hyperlinks in comments? Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,

I would suggest trying the sanitize helper. This can be configured to
only permit certain HTML tags. The API docs are quite detailed.


Allow people to put anything in the comment (within reason of course -
some input validation would be useful), and then use the helper in the
view. The alternative of course is to use regular expressions to
validate the input.

Best Regards


http://www.railslodge.com/plugins/106-nofollow-links may also come in
useful if you go with the above approach.

else there is also an auto_link text helper

Dave Lynam wrote:

Hi Dave,

I assume you are asking this question because you already have
something implemented and are wondering why links aren't working. Have
a look in your view code and remove the html escape method ("h"):-

<%=h "some html text" %>

and change the erb to:-

<% "some html text" %>

Once you have done that and the links are working I strongly suggest
you look at SanitizeHelper as Robin suggested, you don't want anyone
to slip malicious code into your comments :wink:


I would suggest the whitelist plugin. That way you can set what they
can and can't do as far as html, like bold, italic, links, etc.

Awesome, this all looks like good advice. Thanks.