Add Vertica adapter for Active Record

Last year I stumbled upon a project that was fit to use Vertica in certain models, and I saw that there was little to no support for it. I was wondering what you think about including it in the default supported ones (I’m open to coding it, just wondering if you think it’s useful). I saw that the oracle adapter support was dropped in version 6, so I’m wondering if you think there’s room for another one or if you’d rather keep it with pg, mysql & sqlite. I think Vertica will help bigger companies and enterprises fulfill certain requirements that column-oriented relational databases can provide, it wouldn’t be just adding yet another row-oriented relational database.

Let me know your thoughts!

You’re welcome to create an external adapter. The most notable examples of those are for MSSQL and Oracle, though there are also others like PostGIS (which is more of a variant, rather than a fully independent adapter).

We only ship and maintain built-in adapters for the by-far most popular open source SQL databases (we need to be able to run them freely in CI, and on contributors’ machines). I don’t anticipate any circumstance where we add support for another database server any time soon.

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Thanks for the comment! Makes perfect sense, I’ll work on it as an external adapter :muscle: