acts_as_wizard clone

Is there an 'acts_as_wizard' clone that provies similar
functionality ? The original plugin seems to be in an unmaintained
state and doesn't work with Rails 1.2

Just to clarify - I am trying to implement multi-step forms.

:ahem .. is my question undeserving of a reply ?? is it something
obvious I am missing in Rails

no IG. there's not always the collective bandwidth to answer all questions. grin.

I've never used this plugin, but was relatively easy to implement

I suggest DIY

* first carry a column to hold the current wizard stage - I called mine 'stage'

* then when you render use the stage number as part of the partial name.

* render :partial => "wizard_stage_#{@encounter.current_stage}"

* next will increment the stage, previous will decrement.

* then name your partials with an _x for the appropriate stage.

BTW, The advantage of storing stage are that you can support the resumption of the wizard.

As an additional thought you can have stage specific field validations by checking the stage value:

   validates_presence_of :age, :if => :at_stage_two, :message => " must be entered"

the above should be enough to get you moving forward.