acts_as_versioned with acts_as_paranoid not creating new versions on destroy


A quick question, when using acts_as_paranoid with acts_as_versioned, destroying the model (i.e. updating the deleted_at field) doesn't create a new version. Are there any workarounds for this - I presume it is because aav overrides the update* methods but not the destroy method?

In addition, and more confusingly, using the before_destroy callback like so:

def before_destroy   update_attributes(:some_field => 'some value') end

doesn't create a new version, even though an update is being done. If you do an update_attributes in the controller then it does create a new version, as expected. This confuses me slightly - why would *where* you are calling the update_attributes method from make a difference?

Any help with this appreciated,

TIA, Roland