Barbara Gresch wrote:

after initial confusion which taggable plugin to use, i decided the
steroids are the only option for my rails version.
installed from ... _steroids.
ran script/generate migration etc etc all according to the manuals...
the aplication allows users to create interviews/questionnaires;
Questions aswell as some other stuff should be tagged;
but that is for later lets say only Questions have to have tags.

now this is what happens:
>> quest = => "What is your favorite animal?")
=> #<Question:0x24473b4 @attributes={"freeze"=>nil, "q"=>"What is your
favorite animal?"}, @new_record=true>
=> true
>> tag = => "personal")
=> #<Tag:0x2429404 @attributes={"name"=>"personal"}, @new_record=true>
=> true
>> quest.tags << tag
=> [#<Tag:0x2429404 @errors=#<ActiveRecord::Errors:0x242654c
@base=#<Tag:0x2429404 ...>, @errors={}>, @new_record_before_save=true,
@attributes={"name"=>"personal", "id"=>2}, @new_record=false>]
=> true
>> quest.tags.size
=> 1
>> quest.tags.count
=> 0
>> quest.tag_list
=> ["personal"]
>> cross = Tagging.find(:all)
=> []

an entry in Tags is indeed created, no entry in Taggings is created, i
did have a look thru the plugin code and i am not sure which method
should be responsible for the save in the cross table.
what am i doing wrong? gr barbie
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I've upgraded to has_many_polymorphs so my memory is a little fuzzy.
But try this:

Hey all,

I'm wondering, what is the difference between has_many_polymorphs and
acts_as_taggable_on_steroids? I'm looking to implement tagging in the
next few months and looking for the best solution. I had thought that
was acts_as_taggable_on_steroids, what are the benefits of
has_many_polymorphs? Thanks for your input.