Acts_as_ferret; one search over multiple models??


  > not figured out how to create one search over all my models.

It's not that hard to write :
   results = Book.find_by_contents(query) + Disk.find_by_contents(query)

If you really have loads of models to search through, you could write
something like (untested) :

MODELS=%w(Book Disk Person Animal Article Page Concert Joke Story)
results = MODELS.collect{|klass|


You could also always make a model that covers them all through
methods, using the ability to point acts as ferret at other fields.


class Order < ActiveRecord::Base # ( or not even maybe.. )
  belongs_to :reservation
  belongs_to :customer
  acts_as_ferret :remote => true, :additional_fields => [
:reservation_to_s, :customer_to_s ]

  def reservation_to_s
   self.reservation.to_s # assuming you defined it
  def customer_to_s
    self.customer.to_s # ditto

Just one option... of many.

D. Taylor Singletary,
Reality Technicians