Acts_as_ferret, DRb, 4 monrels and complete site lockups


I am having some serious problems with site that's already live. It is
using RoR 1.2, ferret 0.11.6 and most recent acts_as_ferret plugin.

Most of the day, site is doing pretty well, is quick and search is
reliable. But, at some point, it just "locks" and stops responding,
one instance of mongrel after another.

At the same time ferret DRb server starts eating lots of CPU.

Solution that usually helps (but not always!) is to boot to console
and rebuild index for my indexed tables.

In addition to this I get following errors in ferret_index.log all the
time, no matter if site is working OK or it hangs:

LocalIndex: ensure_index_exists at /home/application/20080925154449

and in ferret_server.log:

#method_missing(:add, ["PublishedResource", {:by ...............

Please help if anyone had similar problems with Ferret. I hope getting
rid of 2 error messages that are logged will solve site hanging issue.



Just to save other people's life: we abandoned Ferret completely and
switched to Sphinx. Whole re-coding stuff took 1 day to complete, so
it's not that hard.
It's not worth using code from dead projects.

Since then - problems with stability are gone.