Activerecord with JDBC in JRuby

I have some code that works in "normal" RoR.

It doesn't work in JRuby with the MySql JDBC adapter.

The query is:     @breakdowns = Client.find(:all,       :select => breakdown_select,       :conditions =>breakdown_conditions ,       :joins => breakdown_joins,       :group => breakdown_group,       :order=> 'record_count desc')

Which shows up in the log as:

Client Load (0.000000) SELECT clients.client_status as breakdown_id,count(clients.client_status)as record_count FROM clients left join programmes on clients.programme_id = WHERE (clients.programme_id = 12 ) GROUP BY clients.client_status ORDER BY record_count desc

This is fine... But when I try to access the "breakdown_id" column from the query (clients.client_status as breakdown_id) it fails with: NoMethodError (undefined method `breakdown_id' for #<Client: 0xfd9b4d>):

eg.     for breakdown in @breakdowns"breakdown_id= #{breakdown.breakdown_id})     end

This has been working fine until I tried to deploy with JRuby.

Any ideas.. surely I can alias column names?

Cheers Giorgio.


Can you try do?:

for breakdown in @breakdowns"breakdown_id= #{}) end

I have read that ActiveRecord always name de the primary key column with the name "id".

I have this table definition in a jruby program:

class Empresa < ActiveRecord::Base   set_table_name "si_Empresas"   set_primary_key "IdEmpresa"   has_many :usuarios, :class_name => "Usuario", :foreign_key => "IdEmpresa"   has_and_belongs_to_many :perfiles,     :class_name => "Perfil",     :join_table => "si_EmpresasPerfiles",     :foreign_key => "IdEmpresa",     :association_foreign_key => "IdPerfilEmpresa" end

and then i use this with success:

Empresa emp = Empresa.find(2234) .. puts "Empresa #{}"

giorgio wrote: