ActiveRecord quoting

looking at ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::Quoting
-> def quote(value, column = nil)

e.g. in the abstract adapter
def quoted_true
will be overwritten in the mysql_adapter with
def quoted_true

I thought the adapters should overwrite these quoting methods,
so that the different data types will be converted in a format, the
database will understand.

One possible timestamp format for a Microsoft SQL server database
is the odbc format:
  { ts '2010-07-20 23:59:59' }

but the abstract adapter will tack some additional quotes to this
           if value.acts_like?(:date) || value.acts_like?(:time)

and the this format will fail and the database reports an error.

Two possible solutions:

1. the abstract adapter will not tack any additional chars to the
   but forward all quotings ( quote_string, quote_true,
quote_date, ... )
   to the physical adapter ( with some defaults in the abstract
adapter )
2. every adapter overwrites def quote(value, column = nil)
    but this may lead to different quoting behaviours in the adapters.

Comments ?

Best regards