ActiveRecord-JDBC Oracle


I’m trying to migrate the AR script on to Oracle database. Im using jdbc

There are number of functions defined in jdbc_oracle.rb, but when I call
them (eg: rename_column(…)) in my AR script, it says “rake aborted !!
rename_column is not implemented” .
It is not referring to the jdbc_oracle.rb file. Is there any
configuration setting to be done?

I have written many custom functions in jdbc_postgre.rb and
jdbc_mssql.rb, it works absolutely fine.

Please find the sample code attached.

1. 001_rename_columns.rb (file to migrate)

class CreateOrclTables < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def self.up
     rename_column(:companyprofile, :tname, :tname_new)
  def self.down

2. database.yml

  adapter: jdbc
  username: scott
  password: tiger
  driver: com.inet.ora.OraDriver
  url: jdbc:inetora:vxind01:1521:BAPCDEV1

3. jdbc_oracle.rb (adapter: jdbc)

The file is under (

Please refer the jdbc_oracle.rb file attached.

Appreciate your response !!



Do you have the requisite configuration in environment.rb to ensure
that the jdbc adapter is loaded?

See for details.

Also, 0.3.1 is pretty old (as is JRuby 1.0.0RC1). If you want to help
develop the jdbc oracle support further it would be great if you could
update to JRuby 1.1.1 and ar-jdbc 0.8.

Finally, can we take this discussion over to the jruby-user list?


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response.

I have the requisite configuration done in environment.rb. Below are the

require 'rubygems'
gem 'ActiveRecord-JDBC'
require 'jdbc_adapter'

Interesting part is, a simple create_table script works fine even when I
deleted the contents of jdbc_oracle.rb file and made it blank.
But when I deleted the file jdbc_oracle.rb from the folder, it throws an
error "could not find file jdbc_oracle.rb".

I had a look at

There are number of email-ids, to which ID should I post the message or
which is the relevant forum?

Awaiting your response.


Nick Sieger wrote:

The jruby-user list should be fine for this.


Thanks very much Nick !!

I will post it there ..


Nick Sieger wrote: