ActiveRecord - INSERT options for MySQL


Excuse any mistakes I make in advance- this is my first post to the RoR list, and it's going right in at the deep end...

I've been working with Rails for quite a bit now (8ish months or so) and I've worked on two projects where there are several points in which access to INSERT statement options would be extremely useful. I'm using MySQL, where there is scope for the INSERT DELAYED syntax, and I've been trying to work out how to write a patch to add the functionality to the MySQL ActiveRecord library for a new method- create_delayed().

I am asking for advice on how best to write the method and integrate it. I don't think passing an option in the same way as :includes is really the optimal solution as INSERT DELAYED does not return an ID value as .create or .new/.save does, and so to keep this assumption correct, so this will probably end up as a new .create_delayed method for models.

How would I best go about implementing this? Will I need to create a method in AR base to forward the call to the MySQL adapter class?