How do I get ActiveRecord::Base create to insert what I tell it to?


Subject.create(:id => 5, :updated_on => '2006-10-08 5:28:33')

If you look in the db it has:


id: 1 updated_on: 2006-12-06 (whatever CURDATE() TIME() is)

If I look in the log it has the actual query used as:

INSERT INTO `tablName` (updated_on) VALUES (2006-12-06);

So we can see that it's completely ignored the explicit setting of id as well as the value given for updated_on.

I did a lot of googling and found this:

ActiveRecord::Base.record_timestamps = false

Which turns off the ignoring of the updated_on value but this option was pretty heavily burried in the api docs under Timestamp.

Is there a way to get create to just insert what I tell it to or should I drop back to db =*args) db.query(myquery) type stuff when I need to do this?