ActiveRecord: created_at/_on / updated_at/_on data type

Quick question, before I monkey up my db.
In ActiveRecord, regarding the magic column names created_at
created_on updated_at updated_on

They're all mentioned in AWDWR and the API docs, but ...
What data type do they each need to use? timestamp? datetime?
What is the formatting returned as? A Ruby Time class object?
Are they really updated automatically on creation / changes to a db

Thanks for any help,
John Joyce

Hi, in the AWDwR on page 319 in the section tiltled “Magic Column Names”, it says that _on will be mapped to date columns and _at will be mapped to datetime.

Good luck,


Thanks, found it already. After posting of course.

Used rails console to find the return types. Glad I learned Ruby
before Rails! irb (console) is a good friend!