ActiveRecord and tiny_tds


I’m having some issues trying to run .find_by_sql against a Win MSSQL 2008 server. When I use the tiny_tds gem the query works without any issues.

require ‘rubygems’

gem ‘tiny_tds’, ‘= 0.6.2’

require ‘tiny_tds’

gem ‘activerecord’, ‘= 3.2.12’

require ‘active_record’

require ‘activerecord-sqlserver-adapter’

client = => ‘user’,:password => ‘pass’,:host => ‘host’,:database => ‘db’)

result = client.execute(sql)

=> #<TinyTds::Result:0x000000022c3e48>

When I try the same query with an ActiveRecord::Base model I don’t see any results (I’ve tried both :host and :dataserver with the same result).

class Ipdb < ActiveRecord::Base


        :adapter => "sqlserver",

        :host => 'host',

:username => 'user',

        :password => 'pass',

        :database => 'db',


self.table_name = “View_All_IPs”


ai = Ipdb.find_by_sql(sql)

p ai.size

=> 1

p ai.inspect

=>"[#<Ipdb >]"

p ai[0].class

=> Ipdb()

p ai[0]

=> #<Ipdb >

Any ideas about where the problem may be?


J-H Johansen

After some more debugging I finally realized that the object actually had some data attached to it. It must have been the .inspect which fooled me into thinking it was empty.

ai = Ipdb.where("[IP Address] = ?", ip)

ai.each do |b|

puts b[“IP Address”]

puts b.Information


This outputs the information needed. Not sure why the object doesn’t output all this information when I ‘inspect’ it…

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