Active session list

Hi all
Does anybody know how to get active session list or list of active
session ID in RubyOnRails?


if you're using Active Record Store, look at


Actually I used default store for session(as I understand it is file
In any case I don't want to have dependency from session store type.
I saw many sites with "Now [N] users on site" - so I think exists
standard way to define active session list.

the default session store for the next version of rails will be cookies.

You can follow the directions here:

you should also look at sql session store, which is a very good
replacement for ActiveRecord sessions:


I don't want to use database as session storage...
I thought about this issue and I think that I can extend "new" and
"delete" method of session(ActionController::Integration::Session)
1. in "new" method I will add new session to global session list;
2. in "delete" method I will remove session from this list.

At current point I don't know how to create variable that exists in
all application live cycle.