session store active_record_store doesn't work.

I want to use acitive record store session. So I edited files like below.

*environment.rb config.action_controller.session_store = :active_record_store

*application.rb protect_from_forgery :secret => '54420ada.........'

*rake task rake db:sessions:create #successfully created

And controller and views like below

*Controller class TestIndexController < ApplicationController   def index     session[:test]='Test Value'     ......   end end

*Views test_index/index.html.erb <%=session[:test]%> #=>'Test Value'

test_index/new.html.erb <%=session[:test]%> #=>nil<==This is the problem!!

Session table creates session data certainly, but I can't get session[:test] value except index action. Why?? Please give me advice!

PS:My environment is below. Rails 2.2.2 ruby1.8.6 gem 1.3.1 Mac OS 10.5.5