active_scaffold + i18n

Hello all,

I have a project where I’m using active_scaffold and would also like to use i18n over it.
While the i18n works fine if I just ignore the active_scaffold, I couldn’t get it running with it.
I searched through its docs and googled quite a bit. Can I use i18n with active_scaffold?




Simple Localization apparently has support for Active Scaffold

I do not however know what the the implications of recent I18n changes
in Rails have been to either Simple Localization or Active Scaffold.

--J. Nathan Matias

Well, we’re using Simple Localization in several of our apps and are postponing upgrading them to Rails 2.2 since Simple Localization doesn’t work with it. I still find it superior to what Rails itself currently offers though. Also note that the last activity on the plugin was 7 months ago (although I noticed a recent import into github), so if you want Rails 2.2 compatibility, you’ll either have to wait or do it yourself. We probably will some time in the future (or switch to Rails I18n), but we simply don’t have the time right now.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt