ActionWebService and Rails 2.0 RC2

Bas Van westing wrote:


I don’t really understand how action_web_service is configured for Rails
2.0 RC2.
Simply installing “gem install actionwebservice” as stated by DHH
doesn’t do the trick. When I do "require 'action_web_service'" in the
environment.rb I get a dependency error:

/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:254:in `activate': can't activate
actionpack (= 1.13.6), already activated actionpack-1.99.1]

There are no generators or plugins available for ActionWebService as far
as I can see. So basically I'm stuck...

Does anybody know what to do?

Thanks, Bas

actionwebservice gem doesn't seem to work with rails 2.2.2/ruby 1.8.6.
Is there any other alternative available with rails 2.2.2?

Thanks, Rashmi