Actionmailer template_root not set / nil

I’m using ActionMailer in a Rails 2.1 app, and it looks like ActionMailer::Base.template_root is not being set

I have to set it in environments/test.rb, development.rb etc. to:

ActionMailer::Base.template_root = “#{File.dirname(FILE)}/…/…/app/views”

Shouldn’t this be the default?

Can anyone else reproduce this?

I also experienced this problem this morning. I kept getting:

ActionView::TemplateFinder::InvalidViewPath (Unprocessed view path
found: nil. Set your view paths with #append_view_path,
#prepend_view_path, or #view_paths=.):

I solved this the same way you did. Did you find anything else out?
Has nobody opened a ticket for this?

Do you guys have any plugins installed? This isn't something which is
affecting everyone, so you guys must have something in common.