Hello All,

I m trying to use a form on my website to send an email. So my form
goes like this :

<% form_tag("/emailfeeder/create", :method => :post) do %>
        <td class="col1">To: </td>
        <td class="col2"><%= text_field_tag "recepient",
@recepient.to_s, :disabled => true %></td>
        <td class="col1">Your Name:</td>
        <td class="col2"><%= text_field_tag :name, @name, :class =>
"textedit" %></td>
... ... ...

And route.rb like this :
  map.resources :emailfeeder
  map.connect 'emailfeeder/new', :controller => 'emailfeeder', :action
=> 'new'
  map.connect 'emailfeeder/create', :controller =>
'emailfeeder', :action => 'create', :method => :post
I also tried :
    map.with_options :controller => 'emailfeeder' do |emailfeeder| '/emailfeeder/new', :action => 'new', :conditions
=> { :method => :get }
    emailfeeder.create '/emailfeeder/create', :action =>
'create', :conditions => { :method => :post }

I can t really figure out why I m still having this error :
<pre>Only post requests are allowed.</pre>

Can someone help with this issue please.

Thanks in advance,