rescue_from ActionController::MethodNotAllowed


I'm having some trouble handing ActionController::MethodNotAllowed
errors. Basically, the following is defined in my controllers, but
obviously I'm missing something. Thanks in advance for any light you
can shed.

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class UsersController < ApplicationController
  rescue_from ActionController::MethodNotAllowed, :with
=> :not_allowed

  def not_allowed
    flash[:message] = "The action you requested is not supported."
    redirect_to welcome_path

By the way, the trouble I'm having is that the error is not being
handled by 'not_allowed'... :slight_smile:

I have used rescue_from and this looks fine to me.

But twist in the tale I found while googling for the same.
I think you are looking for this:

Though I think Pratik has solved this issue:

may be helpful for you


Thank you, Gourav... I'll check it out.