ActionController in Models, is it possible?

Hi all.

After reading O'Reilly's "Ruby on Rails: Up and Running" chapter 5.6 about hierarchical categories, i decided to implement it to my inventory application. Basically i have a bunch of goods coming from different locations all over the world. I have created a table called locations that list all entries whether its a country, a state, a department... This table implements the concept of parenting.

id | name | parent_id

1 | USA | null 2 | France | null 3 | California | 1 4 | Riverside County | 3 5 | New York | 1 6 | New York City | 5 7 | Ile de France | 2 8 | Paris | 7

location.rb model looks like this: class Location < ActiveRecord::Base   acts_as_tree :order=>'name'

  def ancestors_name     if parent        parent.ancestors_name + + ':'

    else       ""     end   end

  def long_name     ancestors_name + name   end end

What I want to do is that instead of returning a basic long_name, each level in the crumbs would be a link to the corresponding name. Unfortunately, if i try to use link_to or render within the model, it returns an error message saying the method is undefined.

You can't use link_to/render etc. because the model should know nothing about this.