Access date fields from date_select

Since I can't install plugins because of timeout problems I've not
solved yet, I have to work with

It works fine for me when I create or update models, but now I have to
do a search
form and need to recover date fields from date_select. date_select
makes some select fields with
names like to_date(1i), to_date(2i) and so on. When I try to get the
values in the controller I get nothing
at all. I've tried:

to_date = params[:search][:to_date]


params[:search]['to_date(2i)'], but this way it's a bit embarrassing
because I'd have to check every
field which compound to_date field and results ugly for me. Is it
possible to get the date in a sentence?

I answer myself, finally I got to install datebocks engine and my life
is easier and happier :slight_smile: