abetaday.com - share website screenshots instead of difficult to remember urls

I’d like to share my latest project completed using Ruby on Rails:


This application generates screenshots of web pages that you post, allows you to share them with your friends, and allows you to see what others are viewing online. The site is a result of a problem I had remembering arcane (non-restful) urls after receiving them in emails without any descriptions. I noticed that I could easily remember and find them when I could see the end destination of the link (the web page itself). I hope this solution may help some of you as well.

Features Of Note:

  • On the fly creation of a screenshot from a link that you post. Background processes make sure that you do not wait around until the image has been created.
  • Share the screenshot from the site via e-mail, twitter, facebook, and others.
  • Use the embed code to place thumbnails of the screenshots directly into your blog or website.
  • Automatic generation of bit.ly urls using bit.ly’s API and background processes.
  • Option to follow other users to see the links they post.

I hope this application will be of interest to some of you and that you will consider joining, posting, and embedding. Also, any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who works very hard to make Ruby On Rails available to people like me.