A little love for acts_as_taggable #8279

I was working with acts_as_taggable earlier and thought I could make it a bit friendlier.

I submitted a ticket and patch #8279. Basically, there are three differences.

1. Fixed the deprecated :dependent => true 2. Added migration generator (it has really specific requirements on table layout, so might as well generate it). 3. Expanded the README to explain using the migration and to include a usage example.

Feedback much appreciated.

Acts as taggable was only intended as a demonstration of how to use the polymorphic associations. We're not really maintaining it as a drop-in tagging solution. There are already more complete implementations out there like:


Thanks for the patch, but I'm not sure it necessarily needs to be applied.

Another solution is my has_many_polymorphs plugin--it has a generator for self-referential Tagging generator in it. I haven't publicized it yet because I need to add an example controller. But the models, migrations, helper methods all work fine already.


and let's face it: any plugin with a "self-referential tagging generator" is naturally going to pwn all alternatives.

-- tim


I had just thought it was a matter of a bare bones vs. many features I will not need for my current project.

It would be helpful if there were an indication that it was intended as a tech demo, perhaps as a notice in the README.


Way too many developer hours has been wasted on that thing: http://dev.rubyonrails.org/search?q=acts_as_taggable&ticket=on

Updated readme: http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/8287

Doesn't help that it's in the Rails plugin dir which is included in ./script/plugin's default set of search paths.

-- tim

good call.

I've updated the readme, and moved it to be a little more prominent.

Thanks for adding the README, hopefully it will save everybody headaches.

I decided to roll my changes into my own plugin that better fits my needs, if any one is interested: http://agilewebdevelopment.com/plugins/acts_as_taggable_redux