A 'Lite' Multi-Tenant setup: AMA

Hi Everyone,

Seeing how multi-tenant is a growing topic, I could share how I’ve designed my multi-tenant setup. Now, my configuration might not help anyone else, because I’ve essentially built a system a little bit like Craigslist.

What’s distinct

  • The tenants are U.S. states and countries, each with their own subdomain, e.g.:
    • www.public.law
    • texas.public.law
    • oregon.public.law
  • Tenants have their own CSS themes:

  • Tenants have their own custom template adaptations if needed. (You can see in that screenshot above, oregon.public.law is labelled OregonLaws for historical & branding reasons.)
  • Tenants sometimes have custom view logic, when the jurisdiction’s laws are arranged “unconventionally”.

What’s shared

  • User accounts are gobal, because each user should have access to all jurisdictions.
  • The tenant data is all in shared tables to enable cross-jurisdictional searches. E.g., there’s a single statutes table with a record for each law or section, for every state.
  • A single Heroku app with a single Postgresql database
  • A single Cloudfront Web Application Firewall config
  • A single Rails codebase
  • A single Elasticsearch service for the internal search feature. I’ve taken the first small step to enabling cross-tenant/cross-document-collection search:
  • Shared image and JS assets.
  • 99% of CSS is shared.

I think those are the major pieces. It’s very solid and has been running in prod for a couple of years like this. I’m currently adding a new tenant, colorado.

tldr; This might not be the usual “multi-tenant” use-case, but if it’s helpful, I can answer questions or maybe do a presentation.


I’m interested for this, could you share the gem or a demo codes? thanks.