401 Unauthorized

Hi all,

I creating both web site and mobile app. For this i am using common database to store data for both web site and mobile app.

I developing mobile app through phonegap. While i submit form and try to store data through mobile app, i am getting 401 Unauthorized errors.

Kindly help me… :slight_smile:

I don't know about the rest of the people here but I do not feel like
whipping out my wand and casting spells to see your code and logs
(been a long day) so could you please post some code or logs, we can't
help without at least the most basic of diagnostic information.

Possibly even better to first have a look at the Rails Guide on
debugging which will give you ideas on how to debug your code. Then
you may be better able to find the problem for yourself. If you still
cannot find the problem then you will be able to ask here again with a
more specific question as you will have tied the problem down to a
particular area.


Started GET “/mobile_register?callback=jQuery17103812423700001091_1350476385099&auth_token=&user%5Bfirst_name%5D=Test&user%5Blast_name%5D=test&user%5Bmobile_number%5D=est&user%5Bemail%5D=admin%40gmai.com&user%5Bpassword%5D=[FILTERED]&user%5Bpassword_confirmation%5D=[FILTERED]&user%5Bbill_add%5D=Test&user%5Bcredit_card%5D=test&user%5Bccv%5D=test&user%5Bexpiry_date%5D=test&user%5Bis_agree%5D=on&user%5Bplan_type%5D=payPerUse&user%5Bmobile_user%5D=true&_=1350476414899” for at 2012-10-17 17:50:15 +0530

Processing by MobileController#register as /

Parameters: {“callback”=>“jQuery17103812423700001091_1350476385099”, “auth_token”=>"", “user”=>{“first_name”=>“Test”, “last_name”=>“test”, “mobile_number”=>“est”, “email”=>“admin@gmai.com”, “password”=>"[FILTERED]", “password_confirmation”=>"[FILTERED]", “bill_add”=>“Test”, “credit_card”=>“test”, “ccv”=>“test”, “expiry_date”=>“test”, “is_agree”=>“on”, “plan_type”=>“payPerUse”, “mobile_user”=>“true”}, “_”=>“1350476414899”}

Filter chain halted as :application_before_filter rendered or redirected

Completed 401 Unauthorized in 0ms (ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)

this is the error message while i request from my mobile app…

i am using Rails 3.2.8

and i am trying to create user (using devise gem).