12_hour_time_select plugin help

After creating a directory called 12_hour_time_select in my plugins folder, I added this statement to my view:

<%= select_time(Time.now, :twelve_hour => true) %>

recycled the server. Now when I display the view I get the following error:

ArgumentError in Vigils#new

Showing app/views/vigils/_form.rhtml where line #13 raised:

wrong number of arguments (6 for 3)

Extracted source (around line #13):

10: <%= text_field 'vigil', 'location' %></p> 11: 12: <p><label for="vigil_start_date">Start date</label><br/> 13: <%= select_time(Time.now, :twelve_hour => true) %></p>

Has anyone run into this?

Thanks! Dave

Hi Dave,

  What version of rails are you using? For rails 1.2.3, select_html has been changed to 3 parameters instead of 6 in 1.1.2. In 12_hour_time_select plugin, 12_hour_time_select.rb is using select_html. You may change

    select_html(options[:field_name] || 'hour', hour_options, options[:prefix], options[:include_blank], options[:discard_type], options[:disabled])


    select_html(options[:field_name] || 'hour', hour_options, {options[:prefix], options[:include_blank], options[:discard_type], options[:disabled]})