Youtube killer written in Ruby on rails

This joker's been spamming the mailing list quite a bit. Since he no doubt knows this is a list full of developers perhaps he's looking for some help
benchmarking his site?

ab -n 100000 -c 200

That should lend a hand. Anyone else so kind as to help him out? Perhaps once he has his benchmark completed he can stop spamming the list.


lol. Another good idea is to write a quick email to adsense- noting the site and the publisher id.

If you're short on ideas, how are you doing on cash? Search engines
are probably the most popular way to get a site going.

If you can't get in the rankings organically, and have a good amount
of $, pay per click works to get you some visitors.

There are a great number of ideas that you can use to promote your service (and some bad ones as we've seen lately from mr. teenwag)

Here's a good place to start:

General Partner
The nNovation Group inc.


I noted Google groups deleted all his posts, and this teenwag site is
*really* slow.

BTW, you forgot the -k keepalive switch:
ab -n 100000 -kc 200