"You are being redirected" when switching controllers

How are you doing the rewrite? I do this same practice all the
time. It's pretty simple. In the action for home you check if they
need to login if they do, then use this snippet:
redirect_to :controller => "login", :action => "login"

This causes a 302 status code with the correct target url.


I’d say do one of two things:

Get rid of the .htaccess redirect. You’re bypassing, and thus confusing, Rails.

Move the Rails site to have it’s root at www.mysite.com:3500/home
. This seems like it would fit your situation better.


I'm having the same problem all of a sudden.

I'm using the following form:

    redirect_to :action => "list"

Whenever it hits code like this I get a you are being re-directed
page, which doesn't actually re-direct either.