Would calling 3.am or 1130.pm be a useful way of getting a Time object?

Would "am" and "pm" be convenient and useful methods that Rails should
stick on top of the Numeric class?

So instead of calling Time.parse("23:30") to get a Time object at
11:30 PM, you could do 1130.pm instead.

Just trying to get an opinion before I create a patch, unit tests, etc
and try and convince someone to notice :slight_smile:

Here are the methods if anyone wants to use them:


That's actually pretty cool! I've never even thought of that. I'd
probably use it a few times, especially when doing scheduling of
things. It would make it easier to think about at least. :slight_smile:


I think it’s a very useful idea. It follows the same concepts already in place with dates.

Consider it noticed. :slight_smile: