Working In Iframe for long time - Session timeout problem

Steve Babs wrote in post #1079167:

Hi All,

In my project I am using iframe popup box to load url that I need to
locate. In that users can navigate all pages with in iframe only. Here
User may not reload the parent window. In this case, Session
timedout. Please help me to reset session timeout ,even users working in

What session is "timing out?" Unless you're written code, or added a
library, Rails sessions don't time out. So I'm going on the assumption
here that you are showing someone else's (something other than Rails)
application within your iframe. Meaning that you don't have direct
control over the sessions on the "remote" application beyond what a
regular user would have.

If this is the case I'm afraid that you might be at their mercy. The
only option I can think of would be to periodically send requests
directly to the remote application to force it to keep the logged in
user's session alive.

However, you can't really just refresh the page they are currently
viewing if they are trying to fill in a form. That would be extremely
annoying to the user.

It would be nice if you could send requests from JavaScript, but it
sounds like you likely have no way to setup cross domain XMLHttpRequests
to the remote application. But, you might be able to use XMLHttpRequest
to your own Rails application instructing it to send a direct request to
the remote application periodically using Ruby's open-uri.