Win-Explorer Style Navigation Tree with dynamic loading

Hi There,

i want to create a windows explorer style navigation tree in my application with tree branches you can expand and colapse. The nodes in the first two levels of the tree shall be loaded when the tree is displayed initialy. The levels 3-x schall be loaded when the parent node is beeing expanded. (because loading the whole data for the tree takes about 30 seconds now. I've tested it by creating a simple unsorted html list. maybe has_many :contracts, :include => evaluations isnt the best / fastest way to do this?)

so my questions are. is there a way to create such a tree with rails / prototype / build in features? (an not-too-complicated way, i know "somebody" could write the whole js for such a tree by himself with prototype and so on, but i cant :slight_smile: )

acts_as_tree, as far as i see, is just a way to "manage" the hirarchy of a "tree-like" structure, isn't it?

i'am sorry if i cant explain it better because my english is, uhm, low level :slight_smile: