Will_paginate with more than one table

Are you looking for single table inheritance?

Ummm… not exactly. I have an app consisting on database federation,
so basically I have to get the results of one table, get the results of
other one, and merge them.
The problem is that if I paginate the first result I get, let's say, 10
records, then I paginate the second and I get 10 records, so the
resulting one is 20 records size, not 10. I can paginate also this last
one set of 20 results, but I would lost the total_pages of the original
two first results. Apart from that, the gem should manage which table
and with which limit and offset to ask when I do a request such as

So I'm afraid I shall do it manually somehow. Don't think any paginating
gem/plugin have a solution to this.

pharrington wrote: