Will_Paginate — Set the Starting record ? IE, Photo 3, of 8

Hello. I'm working very hard to build projects > photo_albums > Photos
But am Stuck on being able to implement it.

Desired User Flow...

    #1 - User clicks their project
    #2 - User sees a list of photo albums
    #3 - Users clicks a Photo Album
    #4 - User see a list of photos in the album
    #5 - User views the clicked photo BUT has will_paginate showing in
the nav for all the albums photos and will_paginate is defaulted to
the page number of the photo the user clicked

Controllers Based on the Flow Above:
#2 - PhotoAlbum Index
#4 - PhotoAlbum Show
#5 - Photo Show

  resources :spaces do
    resources :photo_albums
      resources :photos

Does this sound right? Bec I haven't been able to get this working,
and the code is getting ugly :slight_smile: