why the cult-like adherence to the One True Way of Agile works...

From else-net, here's the results of an informal survey why professional testers who actually help do all the developer- and customer-testing we authors advocate feel about the results:

Here's my final top ten list, with responses from this list, twitter, and coworkers. Thanks for all your contributions!

Top Ten Reasons I Love Agile Testing:

10. No more manual test scripts!

9. I don't have to work in a cubicle.

8. I'm allowed to think about stuff and learn stuff.

7. Developers don't hide when they see me coming!

6. I investigate and solve complicated, interesting problems every day - and they pay me to do this!

5. I can impact quality, instead of just documenting it.

4. Customers actually like the product.

3. No more death marches!

2. There's always time for testing, because testing happens first.

And the number one reason I love agile testing...

1. I get to hear people say "this is the best project I've ever worked on in my life!"