Why do i need to specify the column type when removing? (migrations)

Hello guys,

I’ve been using Ruby for a long time now and a simple doubt always make me wonder…

Why do i need do specify the column type when removing a column?

I always do the following when removing a column:

remove_column :table, :column, :type

But the thing is…isn’t the column name unique? Or can i have multiple columns with same name but different types?

Sorry if it’s a stupid question tho :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that only happens when you use def change so that when you reverse the migration it knows how to add the column back.

I think if you do the old migration style of def up / def down you don’t need to specify the column type in your remove_column

Hi Gabriel,

The type parameter is actually ignored when removing a column — see the documentation for remove_column here which specifies that as well.

The docs also indicate why you might want to include it anyway — if your migration is implemented using a change method instead of up and down methods, that parameter indicates what type of column should be added back if you revert the migration.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Schuck,

Thank you for your response, now that makes sense :slight_smile:

Sorry about posting on the wrong group, next time i will post on Rals Talk.